Rachel Roberts in This Sporting Life

Rachel Roberts (1927 - 1980)

Not to be confused with Canadian actress/model Rachel Roberts

Film Deaths:Edit

  • This Sporting Life (1963) [Mrs. Hammond]: Suffers a cerebral hemorrhage (off-screen) and later dies in the hospital with Richard Harris at her bedside.
  • O Lucky Man! (1973) [Gloria Rowe/Madame Paillard/Mrs. Richards]: Playing multiple characters, "Mrs. Richards" commits suicide off-screen (exact method unknown). We only see Malcolm McDowell being informed of her death after he had tried to talk her out of it; her body is not shown. (Rachel's other characters survive the movie.)
  • Picnic at Hanging Rock (1975) [Mrs. Appleyard]: Falls to her death (off-screen) from Hanging Rock, in a possible suicide; we learn of her death in the voice-over narration. (Thanks to Gordon)

TV Deaths:Edit

  • Blithe Spirit (1966; TV movie) [Ruth Condomine]: Killed in a car crash (presumably off-screen) after Rosemary Harris' ghost tampers with the brakes in an attempt to kill Dirk Bogarde; she appears as a ghost throughout the rest of the movie. (I haven't seen this version, but I have seen Constance Cummings' death in the 1945 version.)
  • Great Expectations (1974; TV movie) [Mrs. Gargery]: Dies of an unspecified illness. (Thanks to Hamish)

Notable Connections:Edit

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