Rachel Nichols (1980 - )

Rachel Nichols MITHCS4E9

Rachel Nichols (with Alexa Davalos and Jason O'Mara) in The Man in the High Castle: For Want of a Nail

Film Deaths

  • The Woods (2006) [Samantha Wise]: Either commits suicide by hanging herself or is hanged by the teachers (off-screen); her body is shown afterwards when the other students discover her in the cafeteria. (Thanks to Frank and Lauren)
  • Star Trek (2009) [Gaila]: Possibly killed in an explosion (off-screen) when all the Federation ships besides the Enterprise are destroyed by Eric Bana's ship. We last see her talking to Zoe Saldana as everyone is assigned to their ships. It's not established which ship she was on, but she is not shown among the Enterprise crew, so it's likely she was on one of the destroyed ships. (Thanks to Tommy)
  • Alex Cross (2012) [Monica Ashe]: Tortured to death (off-screen) by Matthew Fox in her apartment; her body is shown afterwards in a photo that Matthew sends to Tyler Perry's cell phone. (Thanks to Matthew)
  • Raze (2013) [Jamie]: Beaten to death by Zoë Bell at the end of a fight.
  • Pandemic (2016) [Lauren]: Shot to death by a guard who mistakes her for being infected.

Television Deaths



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