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Andrea Green, Rachel Mooney and Angie Hill Just before their deaths in Lexx-Vlad

L to R Andrea Green, Rachel Mooney and Angie Hill just before their deaths in Lexx: Vlad

Rachel Mooney (19?? - )

Death in Television:[]

  • Lexx: Vlad (2001) [Mandragora Morgana/Voice of Illusion Xev]: After stealing Michael McManus ' proto blood to rejuvinate Vlad (Minna Aaltonen ) from Anna Cameron . Minna kills Rachel off-screen along with Andrea Green and Angie Hill with a wrist mounted blade launcher because she had no further use for them. The camera cuts to the castle exterior as we hear them scream.We don't know whether they were slashed or stabbed with blades from blade launcher.
    Minna Aaltonen as Vlad

    Minna Aatonen as Divine Assassin Vlad