Rachel Kimsey (1978 -)

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Rachel Kimsey in Heroes: Kindred (1). Rachel Kimsey’s death in Heroes: Kindred (2).

TV Deaths Edit

  • Heroes: Kindred (2007) [Candice Willmer a.k.a. Michelle]: Head sliced open (off-screen) by Zachary Quinto’s telekinetic powers; her body is shown afterwards lying face-down on the floor. (After her death, her illusion powers are undone and her body is revealed in its true overweight appearance for the first time. (The body was portrayed by an uncredited performer)). (Additional note: the character had been played by Missy Peregrym in the previous season; Rachel took over the role as the character’s illusionary appearance).
  • Moonlight: Out of the Past (2007) [IIene Spalding]: Shot in the mouth (off-screen) by Josh Wingate as she’s sitting in her car, to simulate a suicide. Her body is shown afterwards as Alex O’Loughlin and Lawrence Mandley investigate. (shown in a flashback to 1983) (Thanks to Stephen)
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