Rachel Amanda Bryant (19?? - )
Rachel Amanda Bryant-The Campus1

Rachel Amanda Bryant's first death in Deathday

Film Deaths Edit

  • Deathday (The Campus) (2018) [Morgan]: After her blood comes into contact with an ancient religious artifact, Rachel is cursed to continually painfully die and then be resurrected at the moment her blood touched the artifact. Her deaths occur in this order:
    1. Rachel is chased by people wearing animal/monster masks. Eventually one man stabs her in the foot with a short pickax, which slows her down long enough for a woman to hack her in the chest with another pickax.
    2. Rachel is stricken with a mysterious illness, which gets progressively worse. The veins in her upper body turn dark, her nose begins bleeding heavily, she grows large pustules on the right side of her face and throat, and her right eye falls out. Eventually the pustules burst and spray Rachel's blood everywhere, causing her to bleed out.
    3. Rachel is attacked by an evil spirit. The scene fades to black right before the spirit touches her face, then she is shown resurrecting once more.
    4. Rachel is chased by zombies for a long time before they finally catch her. The zombies then rip out and eat Rachel's entrails.
    5. Rachel eventually breaks her curse but is then shot in the back of the head (blowing out her left eye and a small spray of brain matter) by Scott Menville, who notices the artifact and decides to steal and sell it.
  • In Bed With a Killer (2019) [Heather]: Strangled to death by Jade Harlow.


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