Pruitt Taylor Vince in The Walking Dead: Save the Last One

Pruitt Taylor Vince (1960 - )

Film DeathsEdit

  • Fear (1990) [Shadow Man]: Falls to his death from a ferris wheel (after losing his grip on a swing/seat) at the end of a struggle with Ally Sheedy.
  • Jacob's Ladder (1990) [Paul]: Killed in an explosion when his car blows up, as Tim Robbins looks on in shock. (This scene, along with the entire post-Vietnam portion of the movie, turns out to be Tim's imagination/hallucination as he's dying. It's unclear in the film whether Pruitt was actually killed in Vietnam or if he survived)
  • JFK (1991) [Lee Bowers]: Dies in a a car crash (off-screen). His body is shown a flashback snippet with him dead at the wheel. 
  • Cold Around the Heart (1997) [Johnny 'Cokebottles' Costello]: Shot in the chest during a shoot-out with David Caruso and Chris Noth (although he is still alive as David leaves, it's clear his wounds are fatal).
  • Constantine (2005) [Father Hennessy]: Dies of alcohol poisoning after Gavin Rossdale magically causes him to believe that all of his bottles are empty, making him desperately attempt to drink from all of them (he dies after cutting a symbol into his hand as a clue to Keanu Reeves).
  • Captivity (2007) [Ben Dexter]: Killed when Elisha Cuthbert pushes the knife deeper in (who then repeatedly stabs him), after Pruitt had previously been stabbed in the chest by his brother (Daniel Gillies), as Pruitt is strangling/choking her.
  • In the Electric Mist (2009) [Lou Girrard]: Commits suicide (off-screen) by shooting himself in the face with a shotgun while drunk in his motel room; the body is seen when Tommy Lee Jones investigates the scene.

Television DeathsEdit

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