Promise LaMarco's severed head in Kolobos

Promise LaMarco's severed head surrounded by her intestines in Kolobos

Promise LaMarco (1972 - )

aka Promise Lamarco

Film Deaths Edit

  • Kolobos (1999) [Tina]: When Promise is walking through the kitchen, she unwittingly triggers two booby traps that were set by Amy Weber. The first trap fires a blade up at her from the floor that slices her chest open vertically. The second trap fires a blade at her from a cabinet that slices her stomach open horizontally, revealing her intestines. Even though she is mortally wounded, she doesn't immediately die from her injuries, so her friends run off to find help. Amy then drags Promise away and finishes her off by partially dismembering her (off-camera). Promise's severed head (surrounded by her intestines and displayed on a silver platter) is shown when Amy "finds" it while their friends are watching. Her head is shown again later (suspended from the ceiling with glass shards in her eyes, essentially acting as a makeshift disco ball) along with her headless, armless body. (Nudity alert: One breast is briefly visible after Promise's chest is sliced open.)
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