Pretty Little Liars (TV series; 2010 - 2017)

Plot Edit

It has been one year since Alison, then the queen bee of the bunch, went missing. Spencer, Aria, Hanna and Emily have gone on with their lives, though they've grown apart. Now in high school, each girl finds herself facing a new set of challenges when anonymous text messages from `A' threaten to expose all of their secrets - both old secrets the girls were sure only Alison knew, and newer secrets developed after Alison's disappearance. Who is `A' and how does he or she know the things he or she knows?

Male Deaths Edit

Female Deaths Edit

  • Dre Davis (Episode 7.6 Wanted Dead or Alive)
  • Bianca Lawson (Episode 2.25 unmAsked, Ep. 3.10 What Lies Beneath)
  • Aeriel Miranda (Episode 5.1 EsCape From New York)
  • Andrea Parker (Episode 4.24 A is for Answers, Ep. 5.10 Game Over Charles)
  • Janel Parrish (Episode 5.12 Taking This One to the Grave) (Revived in Ep. 5.25 Welcome to the Dollhouse)
  • Vanessa Ray (Episode 7.19 Farewell, My Lovely)
  • Kara Royster (Episode 7.10 The DArkest Knight)


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