Phyllis Calvert (1915 - 2002)

Film DeathsEdit

  • The Man In Grey (1943) [Clarissa Marr/Rohan]: Confined to bed after contracting pneumonia, would-be nurse Margaret Lockwood gives her an overdose of her sleeping drops. Once Calvert is asleep, she removes the bedclothes, pulls back the drapes, opens the window to the raging storm outside and douses the room fire. This has the desired effect and the next thing we see is the hearse at the funeral. (Thanks to Brian)
  • Madonna Of The Seven Moons (1945) [Maddalena/Rosanna]: As Rosanna, she is mortally wounded when the dying Peter Glenville (she has stabbed him in the back, mistaking him for Stewart Granger), throws his knife into her back. Patricia Roc gets help but she dies in her own house as Maddalena with husband John Stuart by her bedside. (Thanks to Brian)
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