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Pietro Martellanza (top) with Simón Andreu (bottom) in Death Walks at Midnight

Peter Martell (1938 - 2010)

a.k.a. Pietro Martellanza

Film Deaths[]

  • Man From Nowhere (Arizona Colt) (1966) [Rancher] Shot by Fernando Sancho
  • The Unholy Four' '(Ciakmull - L'uomo della vendetta) (1970) [Silver]: Shot to death in the films climatic shoot-out. 
  • Death Walks at Midnight (La morte accarezza a mezzanotte) (1972) [Stefano]: Shot in the back by Nieves Navarro just as Pietro is about to kill Simón Andreu on the rooftop.
  • The French Sex Murders (Casa d’appuntamento; The Bogeyman and the French Murders) (1972) [Antoine Gottvalles]: Decapitated when he runs into a lowered gate of a truck while fleeing from the police on a motorcycle.
  • Street People (Gli esecutori) (1976) [Pano]  Dies after a shipping container is dropped on top of him. 
  • Killer Barbys vs. Dracula (2002) [False Dracula]: Bitten on the throat and drained of blood by Enrique Sarasola.

TV Deaths[]

None known.