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Peter Copley (in bed) with Marnix Van Den Broeke (right) in The Colour of Magic

Peter Copley (1915 - 2008)

Film Deaths[]

None known.

TV Deaths[]

  • Hamlet (1961 TV mini-series) [Ghost]: Poisoned (off-screen) when his brother (Mark Dignam) pours poison in his ear, some time before the story begins; he appears as a ghost to his son (Barry Foster).
  • The Colour of Magic (Terry Pratchett's The Colour of Magic) (2008 TV) [Greyhald Spold]: Suffocated after Tim Curry places a seal on the keyhole of Peter's bedroom, cutting off the air; he dies in his sleep with Death (Marnix Van Den Broeke, voiced by Christopher Lee) by his bedside.

Noteworthy Connections[]

  • Son of John Copley (artist) and Ethel Gabain (artist)
  • Ex-husband of Pamela Brown
  • Ex-husband of Ninka Dolega
  • Husband of Margaret Tabor (novelist)