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Peter Cook in 'The Black Adder: The Foretelling'


Peter Cook (1937 - 1995)

Film Deaths:[]

TV Deaths:[]

  • Not Only...But Also: Episode 2.7 (1966) [Various Characters]: In the "Superthunderstingcar" sketch, "Dad" is shot with a "futuristic" gun (actually a ping-pong ball gun) by Dudley Moore. In the "Pete and Dud in Heaven" sketch, Peter and Dudley appear as spirits arriving at the Pearly Gates. (All played for comic effect, obviously.) (Both of these sketches are included on the US DVD compilation The Best of...What's Left of...Not Only...But Also.)
  • Not Only...But Also: Episode 3.2 (1970) [Various Characters]: "The Glidd of Glood" dies of old age/heart failure compounded by his rage after realizing that Dudley Moore had tricked him out of his treasure. (This sketch was available on the VHS compilation The Best of...What's Left of...Not Only...But Also, but is absent from the US DVD compilation.)
  • The Black Adder: The Foretelling (1983) [King Richard III]: Accidentally decapitated with a sword by Rowan Atkinson, after Rowan fails to recognize Peter and believes Peter is stealing Rowan's horse. He appears as a ghost throughout the rest of the episode. (Again, played for comic effect.)

Notable Connections:[]

Ex-husband of Judy Huxtable