Peter Berg

Peter Berg in Cop Land (1). Peter Berg dead in Cop Land (2)

Peter Berg (1964 - )


Film DeathsEdit

  • Aspen Extreme (1993) [Dexter Rutecki]: Killed in an avalanche while out skiing with Paul Gross.
  • Cop Land (1997) [Joey Randone]: Falls to his death (off-screen) after being knocked from the rooftop in a struggle with Method Man; we last see him hanging from an antenna, followed by a shot of his body lying in the courtyard below after Harvey Keitel deliberately arrives too late to rescue him. (Thanks to Germboygel)

TV DeathsEdit

  • A Case for Murder (1993 TV film) [Jack Hemmett]: Commits suicide by jumping off a high-rise building rather than get arrested for David Hayward's murder. The movie ends just as Peter lands on the street.
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