Pepe Serna in 'Scarface'


Pepe Serna's death in 'Scarface'

Pepe Serna (1944 - )

Film DeathsEdit

  • Shoot-out (1971) [Pepe]: Shot in the chest by Robert F. Lyons when Pepe insults him outside having heard the shots inside.
  • The Killer Inside Me (1976) [Johnny Lopez]: Hanged with his belt (off-screen) by Stacy Keach in Pepe's jail cell, after Stacy knocks him unconscious; the scene cuts away as Stacy removes Pepe's belt.
  • A Force of One (1979) [Orlando]: Killed along Taylor Lacher by Bill Wallace. Pepe's neck is snapped by Bill after Pepe and Taylor trespass a warehouse.
  • Scarface (1983) [Angel]: Dismembered with a chainsaw by Al Israel while Pepe is hanging by his wrists in a bathtub, as Al Pacino is forced to watch; we only see the blood splattering onto everything during the murder. (Thanks to Robert)
  • Red Dawn (1984) [Aardvark's Father]: Executed by Cuban and Soviet soldiers after being placed in a prison camp. (Thanks to Robert)

TV DeathsEdit

  • Miami Vice: Down for the Count, Part 2 (1987) [Oswaldo Guzman]: Shot to death by Michael Talbott during a shootout in a shopping mall, causing him to fall backwards through a second story window. (Thanks to Robert)


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