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Penny Downie (1954 - )

Penny Downie in Hamlet (2009).

TV Deaths[]

  • Hamlet (2009 TV) [Queen Gertrude]: Poisoned when she drinks the wine that Patrick Stewart had intended for David Tennant.
  • A Certain Justice (1998) [Venetia Aldridge]: Stabbed to death at her desk, we next see her sitting with a bloodstained wig on her head.
  • Silent Witness: True Love Waits: Part 2 (2013) [Anne Percival]: Tortured and scalded to death by David Murray, who then shoves a plastic baggie full of the severed fingers of his previous victims down her throat.
  • Absentia: Madness (2019) [Valerie Chandris]: Injected in the neck with an overdose of Fentanyl by Hugh Quarshie. Her body is shown in the morgue in the next episode Guilty.