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Top: Peggie Castle in I, the Jury
Bottom: Peggie Castle dead in I, the Jury

Peggie Castle (1927 - 1973)

Film Deaths

  • Invasion USA (1952) [Carla Sanford]: Commits suicide by jumping from a window to escape the Soviet invaders; immediately after she jumps, she wakes up to discover that the entire story has been a hypnotic illusion showing what would happen if the Soviets invade; she survives in reality.
  • 99 River Street (Crosstown) (1953) [Pauline Driscoll]: Strangled (off-screen) by Brad Dexter, who then puts her body in the trunk of John Payne’s car to frame John. (Thanks to Uncle Pat)
  • I, the Jury (1953) [Charlotte Manning]: Shot in the stomach by Biff Elliot while she hugs him. (see also Barbara Carrera in the 1982 remake) (Thanks to Rodney)
  • The Long Wait (1954) [Venus]: Shot by one of the bad guys; she manages to save Anthony Quinn’s life before she dies. (Thanks to Rodney)
  • Tall Man Riding (1955) [Reva]: Shot by Paul Richards after she shouts a warning to Randolph Scott; she dies shortly after staggering out into the street. (Thanks to Rodney)
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