Pedro Armendáriz (1912 - 1963)

Pedro Armendariz just before his off-camera death in 3 Godfathers

Film Deaths[edit | edit source]

  • Fort Apache (1948) [Sgt. Beaufort]: One of Henry Fonda's men in the remaining platoon overrun by the Apaches in the mouth of the canyon. Shown from a distance.
  • 3 Godfathers (1948) [Pedro 'Pete' Roca Fuerte]: Commits suicide (off-camera) by shooting himself, after breaking his leg in the desert and telling John Wayne to go on without him. We hear the shot as John walks away. (Thanks to Brian)
  • Border River (1954) [General Eduardo Calleja]: Drowned after he and Joel McCrea fall into some quicksand at the end of a fight. (Joel is pulled out by Yvonne De Carlo, but Pedro does not resurface.)
  • Diane (1956) [King Francis I]: Mortally wounded (off-screen) in a battle; he dies shortly after returning to the palace. (Historically inaccurate, as the real King Francis I of France didn't die from injuries in a battle)
  • The Conqueror (1956) [Jamuga]: Although he's still alive at the end, his last words to John Wayne are to have him executed quickly. Historically we know that happened. (Thanks to Brian)
  • Little Savage (1959) [Captain Tiburon]: Shot by Rodolfo Hoyos Jr.; he manages to shoot Rodolfo in turn before dying of his wound.
  • The Soldiers of Pancho Villa (La Cucaracha) (1959) [Colonel Valentin Razo]: Shot to death by Emilio Fernández in a duel.
  • The Wonderful Country (1959) [Don Cipriano Castro]: Dies (off-screen) of natural causes; we learn of his death afterwards when Victor Manuel Mendoza informs Albert Dekker.
  • My Son, the Hero (Arrivano i titani; Sons of Thunder; The Titans) (1962) [Cadmus]: Killed when Giuliano Gemma throws a thunderbolt at him.
  • Captain Sindbad (Captain Sinbad) (1963) [El Kerim]: Killed in a battle with Guy Williams.

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