Paula Winslowe’s animated character before her death in Bambi

Paula Winslowe (1910 - 1996)

Film Deaths[edit | edit source]

  • Bambi (1942; animated) [Bambi's Mother/Panicked Pheasant]: Voicing two characters, "Bambi's Mother" is shot (off-camera) by hunters as she and her son young Bambi (voiced by Donnie Dunagan) flee the meadow for the thicket. We hear the shot as Bambi continues to flee. He then searches the forest for his mother upon realizing he is alone. Her death is confirmed when the Great Prince of the Forest (voiced by Fred Shields) approaches Bambi and tells him that his mother cannot be with him anymore. "Panicked Pheasant" is shot (off-camera) by hunters too as she tries to get away. 
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