Paul Bienfeldt with Lil Dagover shortly before his death in 'Harakiri'

Paul Bienfeldt (with Lil Dagover) shortly before his death in 'Harakiri'

Paul Bienfeldt dead with Lil Dagover in 'Harakiri'

Paul Bienfeldt dead (with Lil Dagover) in 'Harakiri'

Paul Biensfeldt (1869 - 1933)

Film DeathsEdit

  • Harakiri (Madame Butterfly) (1919) [Daimyo Tokuyawa]: Playing a Daiymo of Nagasaki who intended to take his daughter (Lil Dagover ) to Europe, Paul is falsely accused of conspiring against the Emperor by a corrupt monk (Georg John) who wanted Paul's daughter to join his order so he could control her. The Emperor sent word to Paul to commit seppuku in which he complies. We see him enter a room and close the door where he commits the deed. His body is shown when his daughter opens the door and finds him.
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