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Patty McCormack in Bug

Patty McCormack (1945 - )

Film Deaths[]

  • The Bad Seed (1956) [Rhoda Penmark]: Electrocuted by being struck by lightning when she goes out in a storm to retrieve a medal; her body is knocked into the water, causing her to drown.
  • The Mini-Skirt Mob (1968) [Edie]: Burned to death when Jeremy Slate's motorcycle gang throw Molotov cocktails into Patty's trailer.
  • The Young Runaways (1968) [Deanie Donford]: Killed by Ken Del Conte (though I don't know the details).
  • Bug (1975) [Sylvia Ross]: Burned to death by a swarm of the flame-producing insects in Bradford Dillman's cabin; she staggers out to the barn before finally dying. Her body (just her legs) is shown later on when Bradford discovers her.
  • Invitation to Hell (1984) [Mary Peterson]: Sent to hell and replaced with a soulless duplicate. (Thanks to PortsGuy)
  • Shallow Ground (2004) [Helen Reedy]: Dies from blood loss and asphyxiation after Rocky Marquette uses his powers to tear open Patty's neck and strangle her.

Television Deaths[]