Patty De Sautels in 'Peter Gunn:Murder on the Midway'

Patty De Sautels dead in 'Peter Gunn: Murder on the Midway'

Patty De Sautels (1928? 1929? - 1992)

a.k.a. Patty Desautels

TV Deaths:[edit | edit source]

  • Peter Gunn: Murder on the Midway (1959) [Trixie]: While assisting Kelton Garwood in the disappearing girl trick at a carnival Patty is shot to death in the back by Nita Talbot while she was inside the mummy case. We see her enter the sarcagophus and when Kelton fires a blank pistol into the air Nita shoots Patty at the same time to mask the noise. When Kelton opens the case, Patty falls dead.
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