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Patrick Wilson in The Alamo

Patrick Wilson (1973 -)

Film Deaths[]

  • The Alamo (2004) [William Travis]: Shot in the head by a Mexican soldier (Jesus Mayorga) during the final battle.
  • Hard Candy (2005) [Jeff Kohlver]: Commits suicide by hanging himself when he jumps from the roof of his house, after Elliot Page deceives him into doing it by claiming not to expose him as a paedophile.
  • Passengers (2008) [Eric Clark]: Killed in a plane crash along with everyone else on board, (seen in flashback as Anne Hathaway recounts what happened). Initially it appears he survived the crash, but it's later revealed he in fact died and has been a ghost all along (he eventually crosses over into the afterlife with Anne Hathaway's spirit). (I haven't seen all of this but it's established most of the main cast turn out to be ghosts)
  • Watchmen (2009) [Dan Dreiberg a.k.a. Nite Owl II]: Vaporized, along with Malin Akerman, by a nuclear explosion; this turns out to be a dream he is having. (He survives the film in reality.)
  • Prometheus (2012) [Shaw's Father]: Dies (off-screen) of ebola several years before the events of the movie; he only appears in flashbacks had by his daughter (Noomi Rapace).
  • Home Sweet Hell (2015) [Don Champagne]: Shot to death (off-screen) by A.J. Buckley as A.J. drives his motorcycle past Patrick's car. The movie ends with A.J. following Patrick; we hear the shots and the resulting crash after the screen cuts to black and the closing credits start rolling.
  • The Conjuring 2 (2016) [Ed Warren]: Impaled by the remnants of a tree that had previously been struck by lightning, caused by the supernatural forces within the house; this is shown in a vision that his wife (Vera Farmiga) is having. (He survives the film in reality.) (His "death" from The Conjuring 2 appears in the opening scene of The Nun (2018)).
  • A Kind of Murder (2016) [Walter Stackhouse]: Possibly died of blood loss after being stabbed by Eddie Marsan during struggle. (We last seen him smiling, alive before it cuts to "The End" scene, his death is possible).
  • The Commuter (2018) [Alex Murphy]: Shot to death by a police sniper on Sam Neill's orders as Patrick was about to kill Liam Neeson who takes the sensor off of Patrick's vest, causing the sniper to mistake Patrick for Liam on his thermal camera.
  • In the Tall Grass (2019) [Ross Humboldt]: Strangled with blades of long grass by Harrison Gilbertson at the end of a struggle.

TV Deaths[]

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