Patric Knowles (1911 - 1995)


Patric Knowles in 'Five Came Back'

Film Deaths Edit

  • Patricknowles2

    Patric Knowles dead in 'Five Came Back'

    Five Came Back (1939) [Judson Ellis]: Shot in the chest when Joseph Calleia's gun goes off during a struggle, when Patric tries to take the gun from him.
  • How Green Was My Valley (1941) [Ivor Morgan]: Run over by a cart (off-screen) in the coal mine; his body is shown afterwards being brought up on the elevator.
  • Crazy House (1943) [Mac Maclean]: Machine-gunned (along with Martha O'Driscoll) by Chic Johnson after the curtain goes up in the theatre, in order to put an end to the romantic subplot. (Played for comic effect)
  • The Big Steal (1949) [Jim Fiske]: Shot in the back by William Bendix as thieves fall out. (Thanks to Brian)
  • World For Ransom (1954) [Julian]: Blown up when Dan Duryea tosses a grenade at his feet. (Thanks to Brian)
  • Chisum (1970) [Henry Tunstall]:  Shot to death by Robert Donner and John Mitchum(Thanks to Harry)
  • Arnold (1973) [Douglas Whitehead]: Crushed to death by a garbage truck after Elsa Lanchester places him in a dumpster (off-screen) after he drinks cognac that had been drugged by Norman Stuart. (we only see Patric passing out, followed immediately by a scene of the garbage truck picking him up; we don't learn until later that Elsa put him there).
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