Top: Pat Buttram in Twilight of Honor
Bottom: Nick Adams killing Pat Buttram in Twilight of Honor

Pat Buttram (1915 - 1994)

Film Deaths: Edit

  • Twilight of Honor (The Charge Is Murder) (1963) [Cole Clinton]: Beaten to death with a gun-butt during a struggle with Nick Adams, after Pat pulls out the gun when Nick catches him in bed with Joey Heatherton. Pat's death is depicted differently in two flashbacks: First when Joey describes the murder as a cold-blooded robbery, and again when Nick confesses on the stand in court.
  • The Fox and the Hound (1981; animated) [Chief]: Providing the voice of a dog, he is hit by a train while chasing Tod (voiced by Mickey Rooney).

Television Death: Edit

  • The Alfred Hitchcock Hour: Lonely Place (1964) [Emery]: Fatally stabbed in the back by his wife (Teresa Wright) when he admits to her that he heard the psychopathic Bruce Dern tormenting her and pretended to sleep through it.

Notable ConnectionsEdit

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