Pat Barrington in Orgy of the Dead

Pat Barrington (1939 - 2014)

a.k.a. Pat Barringer or Vivian Gregg

Not to be confused with Pat Harrington.

Film Deaths:Edit

  • Orgy of the Dead (Orgy of the Vampires) (1965) [Shirley/Gold Girl Dancer]: Playing a duel role, "Gold Girl dancer" dies (off-screen) under unspecified circumstances some time before the movie begins; she appears as a ghost, dancing for the amusement of Criswell and Fawn Silver in a cemetery, and "dies" once more when she is placed in a cauldron and transformed into a gold statue. ("Shirley" survives the movie.) (Nudity alert: Topless and rear)
  • The Agony of Love (From Lady to Tramp) (1966) [Barbara Thomas]: Hit by a car when she runs into the street (suicidally), while running away hysterically after Sam Taylor discovers her working as a prostitute.
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