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Pamela Springsteen (1962 -)

Film Deaths []

  • Sleepaway Camp III: Teenage Wasteland (Nightmare Vacation III) (1989) [Angela Baker]: Stabbed repeatedly in the chest/stomach by Tracy Griffith at the end of a struggle, she’s still alive in the ambulance when she regains consciousness and kills both Charles Lawlor and Jerry Griffin, then collapses again. She may die from her wound after the film ends as she won’t know how to save herself. (There was no further sequel made (apart from an unfinished 2012 film) explaining if she survived, so it’s safe to say she dies). (Note: the 2008 film Return to Sleepaway Camp avoided the events of Sleepaway Camp II and this one, and is just a sequel to the 1983 original, having Felissa Rose continue her "Angela Baker" role).

Notable Connections[]

  • Sister of Bruce Springsteen