Pamela Salem in The Professionals: Fall Girl

Pamela Salem (1950 - )

Film DeathsEdit

None known.

TV DeathsEdit

  • The Adventurer: Return to Sender (1972) [Michele]: Drowned in a bathtub (off-screen) by an enemy agent; her body is shown afterwards when Gene Barry discovers her. (Thanks to Garrett)
  • The Professionals: The Female Factor (1978) [Ann Seaford]: Drowned (off-screen) in a river by Barry Justice and Stefan Kalipha, after she learns that they've involved her daughter (Felicity Dean) in their prostitution/blackmail scheme. Her body is shown afterwards when Lewis Collins and Martin Shaw discover her, then being carried away on a stretcher. (Thanks to Garrett and Terry)
  • The Professionals: Fall Girl (1978) [Marikka Schumann]: Shot in the back by Sandor Eles while she's calling out to Lewis Collins from the street below to the tower where Lewis has taken position, in order to frame Pamela for an assassination after their attempt at framing Lewis fails. (Thanks to Garrett)
  • Seagull Island (The Secret of Seagull Island) (1981; mini-series) [Carol]: Drowned when Jeremy Brett (in diving gear) pulls her over the side of the boat and into the water. (Thanks to Garrett)
  • Into the Labyrinth: Minotaur (1981) [Belor]: Reduced to a skeleton by the power of the magical artifact The Nidus. (She was brought back to life in the following season's opening episode The Calling.)
  • Into the Labyrinth: Succession (1981) [Belor]: Reduced to a skeleton once again when she loses her own magic artifiact. (She was brought back to life yet again in the following season's opening episode Lazlo.)
  • Into the Labyrinth: Excalibur (1982) [Belor]: Rapidly ages and disintegrates when Chris Harris uses his magic amulet The Scarabeus against her. (As this was the final episode of the series, she did not return this time.)

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