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Orlando Bloom, before death, in Midsomer Murders: Judgement Day

Orlando Bloom (1977 - )

Film Deaths[]

  • Romeo and Juliet (2014) [Romeo]: Commits suicide by drinking poison.
  • Unlocked (2017) [Jack Alcott]: Killed (off-screen) by Adam Horton after Adam sets his rottweiler dog on Orlando, allowing Noomi Rapace to escape; we last see Adam approaching him with a gun, but his fate is clear.
  • Tour de Pharmacy (2017) [Juju Pepe]: Dies of heart failure while cycling due to the strain put on his heart by performance-enhancing drugs.
  • The Outpost (2020) [Captain Benjamin D. Keating]: Mortally wounded when the truck he is driving falls down a cliff when the road crumbles away.

Television Deaths[]

Notable Connections[]

  • Ex-Mr. Miranda Kerr