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[[Category:Divorced actors and actresses]]
[[Category:Divorced actors and actresses]]
[[Category:Actors who died in David Lean movies]]
[[Category:Actors who died in David Lean movies]]
[[Category:Death scenes by car crash]]

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Omar Sharif (with Francoise Dorleac) in Genghis Khan

Omar Sharif (1932 - 2015)

Film Deaths

  • Mayerling (1967) [Archduke Rudolf]: Commits suicide. (I haven't seen any of this myself, but I read it depicts the Archduke's suicide.)
  • Che! (1969) [Che Guevara]: Executed by a firing squad; his body is shown being carried out on a stretcher at the beginning of the movie, and the rest of the movie shows his life leading up to the execution.
  • The Burglas (Le Casse(1971) [Abel Zacharia]: Buried alive when Jean-Paul Belmondo inundates of sand in factory.
  • Mysterious Island (1973) [Captain Nemo]: Killed when his submarine and the island are destroyed by a volcanic eruption (after a metal beam falls on him, pinning him to a console), on top of having been shot and mortally wounded. (Thanks to Johan)
  • Monsieur Ibrahim (2003) [Monsieur Ibrahim]: Suffers a car accident and dies after talking a last time to his foster-son and saying he would not die, but "join the immense". (I hope I translated it like it's in the English translation; I've seen the movie in French.)

TV Deaths

  • Anastasia: Mystery of Anna (1986) [Tsar Nicholas II]: Executed along with Claire Bloom, Christian Bale and other royal family by a firing squad of Bolsheviks. (I haven't seen this, but I've read other entries and familar with the history)

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