Olivia de Hailland (in bed) in Gone with the Wind

Olivia de Havilland (1916 - 2020)

Film Deaths:Edit

  • Gone with the Wind (1939) [Melanie Hamilton Wilkes]: Dies of complications from a miscarriage. She is shown on her deathbed, talking to Vivien Leigh, though her actual death occurs off-screen shortly afterwards, while Vivien is talking to Leslie Howard in the other room.
  • My Cousin Rachel (1952) [Rachel Sangelletti Ashley]: Falls to her death after Richard Burton sabotages a bridge; he rushes to try to stop her after realizing that she's innocent, but arrives too late to save her. (Thanks to Ioana)
  • Pope Joan (1972) [Mother Superior]: Crucified upside-down when the Normans attack the convent. (Thanks to Cullin)
  • The Swarm (1978) [Maureen Schuster]: Killed in a train crash when the train is derailed by the swarm of bees. (Thanks to Eugene)

Noteworthy ConnectionsEdit

  • Ex-Mrs. Marcus Goodrich (writer).
  • Ex-Mrs. Pierre Galante.
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