Olivia Williams in the alternate ending to Sabotage

Olivia Williams' death in "Sabotage"'s Alternate Ending

Olivia Williams' death in "Sabotage"'s Alternate Ending

Olivia Williams (1968 - )

Film DeathsEdit

  • The Last Days on Mars (2013) [Kim Aldrich]: Killed (off-screen) by the zombies after being abandoned to her fate by Johnny Harris.
  • Maps to the Stars (2014) [Christina Weiss]: Commits suicide by setting herself on fire, as her brother/husband (John Cusack) returns home, and tries to extinguish her by kicking Olivia into their swimming pool.
  • Sabotage (2014) [Caroline]: Although she survives the actual film, the DVD includes an alternate ending where she is shot by Arnold Schwarzenegger while holding him at gunpoint in his car.

Television DeathsEdit



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