Olivia Hussey (1951 - )

Olivia Hussey in The Man with Bogart's Face

Film Deaths[edit | edit source]

  • Lost Horizon (1973) [Maria]: Rapidly ages to death when she leaves Shangri-La with Michael York, causing her to lose her immortality and revert to her true age.
  • Black Christmas (1974) [Jess Bradford]: Is left alone in her room to rest after barely surviving the night, when a telephone begins to ring in the background, heavily implying that the killer Billy is going to kill her.
  • The Man with Bogart's Face (1980) [Elsa Borsht]: Beaten and strangled (off-screen) by Herbert Lom; her body is shown afterwards when Richard Bakalyan brings Robert Sacchi to where she was dumped so that Robert can identify her.
  • Sheng zhan feng yun (1990) [Rebecca Eche]: Strangled by Vernon Wells.

Television Deaths[edit | edit source]

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Gallery[edit | edit source]

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