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Olga Karlatos (1947 - )

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Olga Karlatos in Murder Rock

Film Deaths

  • Damned in Venice (Nero veneziano) (1977) [Aunt Magdalene]: Dies of a heart attack shortly after her nephew has a vision of her being stabbed with a sword by Yorgo Voyagis. (Thanks to Johan)
  • Zombie (Zombi 2; Island of the Flesh Eaters; Island of the Living Dead) (1979) [Paola Menard]: Stabbed in the eye when a zombie pulls her head through a splintered wooden door. Her body is shown again later when the others discover a bunch of zombies eating her.

TV Deaths

  • Quo Vadis? (1985 TV mini-series) [Epicaris]: Commits suicide rather than be taken away for questioning/torture by Klaus Maria Brandauer's men. (Thanks to Johan)

Noteworthy Connections

  • Ex-wife of Nikos Papatakis (director).
  • Wife of Arthur Rankin Jr. (animation director/producer) (widowed).
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