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Olga Georges-Picot in 'Successive Slidings of Pleasure'

Olga Georges-Picot (1940 - 1997)

Film Deaths:[]

  • Honor Among Thieves (Adieu l'ami; Farewell, Friend) (1968) [Isabelle Moreau]: Shot to death, along with Brigitte Fossey, by police while fleeing through the building. The scene ends in a freeze-frame as soon as they're shot, then cuts immediately to their bodies lying on the floor. (Thanks to Quacker and Capricorn)
  • Successive Slidings of Pleasure (Glissements progressifs du plaisir) (1974) [Nora/The Lawyer]: Playing a dual role, "Nora" is stabbed in the chest by an unseen intruder after being tied to the bed by Anicee Alvina; her body is shown afterwards as Jean-Louis Trintignant investigates the scene. "The Lawyer" bleeds to death after accidentally cutting her wrist on a broken bottle when she tries to free herself after Anicee ties her to the bed in a re-enactment of the first murder. (Nudity alert: Topless)
  • Persecution (The Graveyard; Sheba; The Terror of Sheba) (1975) [Monique Kalfon]: Stabbed in the side (off-screen) by Ralph Bates; her body is shown afterwards when Lana Turner confronts Ralph. (Thanks to Brian)

TV Deaths:[]