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Norman Reedus in Masters of Horror: Cigarette Burns

Norman Reedus (1969 - )

Film Deaths[]

  • Reach the Rock (1998) [Danny]: Drowned when he drunkenly tries to swim across the river towards the rock.
  • Bad Seed (Preston Tylk) (2000) [Jonathan Casey]: Commits suicide by burning himself when he setting fire after dousing himself with gasoline.
  • Blade II (2002) [Scud]: Killed in an explosion when Wesley Snipes detonates a remote bomb that Norman had been holding.
  • Deuces Wild (2002) [Marco]: Head smashed in a pole by Stephen Dorff.
  • Octane (Pulse) (2003) [Recovery man, Christine's brother]: Killed in an explosion/burned to death, along with Jonathan Rhys Meyers and the remaining cultists, when one his bombs go off whilst he’s struggling with Meyers (who has bitten off his tongue) (I haven’t seen all of this but it’s confirmed he dies).
  • Hero Wanted (2008) [Swain]: Shot to death by police officers at a hideout shoot-out.
  • Pandorum (2009) [Shepard]: Slashed, mauled and stabbed to death by one of the cannibal mutant passenger descendents as Ben Foster looks on in shock.
  • The Conspirator (2010) [Lewis Payne a.k.a. Lewis Powell]: Executed by hanging, along with Robin Wright, John Michael Weatherly and Marcus Hester. (Note: Norman is twice the age the real Payne/Powell was that the time of his attempt and death).
  • Pawn Shop Chronicles (2013) [Stanley]: Killed in an explosion along with Paul Walker, Kevin Rankin, & Lukas Haas.
  • Air (2015) [Vincent Bauer]: Dies of an overdose on morphine after being injected in the neck with a syringe by Djimon Hounsou when Norman is trying to kill Sandrine Holt.
  • Sky (2015) [Diego Sheen]: Quietly dies from cancer (caused by radiation poisoning) in Diane Kruger's arms, while feeling their unborn baby kick.
  • Triple 9 (2016) [Russel Welch]: Shot in the head by Chiwetel Ejiofor as a mercy killing, after Norman is attacked and fatally wounded by Kate Winslet's men.

Television Deaths[]


Notable Connections[]

  • Partner of Diane Kruger
  • Former Partner of Helena Christensen (model and photographer)