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Noomi Rapace in 'Passion' (dream sequence)

Noomi Rapace (1979 - )

Film Deaths:[]

  • Daisy Diamond (2007) [Anna]: The movie is surreal, but it ends with Noomi ostensibly committing suicide by drowning herself in a bathtub on film. (Nudity Alert: Full Frontal).
  • Passion (2012) [Isabelle James]: Strangled with a scarf by Rachel McAdams; this is revealed as a dream sequence when Noomi suddenly wakes up. (Noomi survives the movie in reality.)
  • Alien: Covenant (2017) [Elizabeth Shaw]: Killed (off-screen) by Michael Fassbender during one of his experiments. Her death is revealed during a conversation with Katherine Waterston and her preserved remains are seen when Michael discovers them.
  • What Happened To Monday (2017) [Monday /Tuesday/ Wednesday /Thursday/ Friday / Saturday /Sunday]: Noomi plays a set of identical septuplets that take on the identity of Karen Settman when out in public.
  1. 'Sunday' is shot in the stomach when the sisters are ambushed at their apartment after their secret is discovered. 'Sunday' bleeds to death with 'Wednesday', 'Thursday', 'Friday' and 'Saturday' by her side.
  2. 'Wednesday' is shot in the chest and then head by one of C.A.B. agents, falling to her death.
  3. 'Saturday' is shot in the head as 'Thursday' and 'Friday' watch on in horror at video call.
  4. 'Friday' is killed when she blows up the apartment in order to kill federal agents.
  5. "Monday' is shot in the chest by 'Thursday' during a struggle with the gun. Later, a wounded Monday was shot in the side of the stomach by one of the agent as Monday was about to shoot Thursday. She dies with Thursday by her side. ('Tuesday' and 'Thursday' survive the film.)

Television Deaths:[]

  • None

Noteworthy Connections:[]

Daughter of Nina Noren

Ex-wife of Ola Rapace