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Noel Gugliemi in Employee of the Month

Noel Gugliemi (1970 - )

Film Deaths[]

  • Brother (2000) [Mexican Mafia Soldier] Shot to death during a business meeting by Susumu Terajima.
  • The Barrio Murders (2001) [Johnny]: Throat slit by the main serial killer.
  • Crank (2006) [Warehouse Rooftop Hood]: Thrown off of the roof by Jason Statham; we see Jason grab Noel, followed by a shot of Noel falling past a window.
  • Red Sands (2009) [Pfc. Jorge Wardell]: Shot by Theo Rossi when he thinks that Noel is actually Mercedes Masöhn in disguise. Noel's body is seen along with Theo's outside before they mysteriously disappear.
  • Kill Kapone (2014) [Crow]: Shot to death by another gangbanger after Noel shoots Ronnie Alvarez to death.
  • Beyond Skyline (2017) [Justin]: Presumably killed (off-screen) after being sucked by one of the alien spaceships.
  • 3 from Hell (2019) [Bullet]: Shot to death by Richard Brake.
  • El Chicano (2019) [Silent]: Shot in the head via cartel sniper hitman in Raul Castillo's police care while Raul and his partner Jose Pablo Cantillo are questioning Noel.

TV Deaths[]

  • CSI: Alter Boys (2001) [Kenny Ramirez]: Cuts his own wrists in his own jail cell to avoid spending time in his jail cell. William Petersen later observes his body after being too late in time to tell Noel that he found out he didn't commit the murders that Jeremy Renner actually committed.