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Nina Foch in Cry of the Werewolf

Nina Foch in Cry of the Werewolf

Nina Foch (1924 - 2008)

Film Deaths:[]

  • Cry of the Werewolf (Daughter of the Werewolf) (1944) [Princess Celeste/Marie LaTour]: Shot to death by Barton MacLane while she's in her wolf form; she changes back into her human form in death.
  • Johnny O'Clock (1947) [Harriet Hobson]: Poisoned (off-screen) by Thomas Gomez in her apartment; Her body (actually just the back of her head) is shown when Lee J. Cobb discovers her.
  • The Ten Commandments (1956) [Bithia]: Her death is not shown but it seems clear that she would have died during the passage of time between the crossing of the Red Sea and the arrival at the Promised Land many decades later.
  • Jennifer (Jennifer the Snake Goddess(1978) [Mrs Calley]: Bitten (off-screen) by a poisonous snake in her office; We only see the snake jump out of her desk when she opens the drawer, then we hear her scream over an exterior shot of the school building. (Thanks to DeMan for this list)

TV Deaths:[]

  • Wagon Train: The Clara Beauchamp Story (1957) [Clara Beauchamp]: Mortally wounded with a rifle shot from a Sioux warrior as she was riding on the prarie. She lives long enough for Robert Horton to take her to their Chief (Monte Blue) where she apologizes for insulting him at a peace ceremony and stops him from attacking the wagon train.
  • Rebecca (1962 TV Movie) [Mrs. Danvers]: Burned to death in a house fire. (Dame Judith Anderson played the same role in a 1940 version and was killed in such manner.)

Noteworthy Connections:[]

  • Ex-wife of James Lipton (TV interviewer/writer)