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Nina Dobrev in The Final Girls

Nina Dobrev and Alia Shawkat's death in The Final Girls

Nina Dobrev (1989 - )

Film Deaths[]

  • Arena (2011) [Lori Lord]: Killed in a car crash while riding with Kellan Lutz (who survives the accident.) (The character is pregnant at the time.)
  • The Final Girls (2015) [Vicki Summers]: Killed in an explosion, along with Alia Shawkat, when they use a rope-and-pulley to dump a bucket of gasoline onto the burning Dan B. Norris while Nina and Alia are pinned beneath a bookcase. She is brought back to life after Taissa Farmiga and Alexander Ludwig escape the world of the movie and wake up in a hospital, reunited with their friends (only to discover that they're not back in reality but in another movie).
  • Flatliners (2017) [Marlo]: 1) Is temporarily clinically dead at one point when she deliberately has her heart stopped in the laboratory in order to have an after-life experience. She was bring back to life with the help from Elliot Page, Diego Luna and James Norton. 2) Suffocated by a ghost of Miguel Anthony with bag while driving car in a dream sequence. 3) Temporarily clinically dead after overdoes herself on drugs. 4) Drowned in the bathtub in an another dream sequence. She was brought back to life by Diego who revived her.

TV Deaths[]

  • The Vampire Diaries: The Sun Also Rises (2011) [Elena Gilbert/Katherine Pierce]: Playing a dual role, "Elena" is bitten on the neck and drained of blood by Joseph Morgan, so that Joseph can complete a ritual that unlocks his werewolf side; she is brought back to life after Kat Graham uses a spell to transfer the life force of her father (David Anders) to her. "Katherine" survives the episode.
  • The Vampire Diaries: The Departed (2012) [Elena Gilbert]: Drowned after Zach Roerig accidentally swerves his truck off of a bridge to avoid hitting Claire Holt; she comes back to life as a vampire due to Torrey DeVitto having previously given Nina an injection of vampire blood. (Thanks to Cody and Aqua)
  • The Vampire Diaries: Death and the Maiden (2013) [Elena Gilbert/Katherine Pierce/Amara]: Playing a triple role, "Amara" commits suicide by stabbing herself in the stomach, after watching Paul Wesley die; she dies while Ian Somerhalder is trying to save her. "Elena" and "Katherine" both survive the episode.
  • The Vampire Diaries: 500 Years of Solitude (2014) [Elena Gilbert/Katherine Pierce]: Playing a dual role, "Katherine" dies of old age, after having the cure for vampirism taken out of her by Paul Wesley in a previous episode; she manages to cast a spell that transfers her soul into "Elena's" body, saving her mind, while her body dies.
  • The Vampire Diaries: Gone Girl (2014) [Elena Gilbert/Katherine Pierce]: Playing a dual role as the vampire "Elena" and the doppelganger possessing her body, "Katherine" is stabbed by Paul Wesley with the Traveler Knife, killing her while sparing "Elena". Her spirit is later seen getting sucked into Hell after failing to pass to the Other Side. She comes back to life in the episode I Was Feeling Epic, after becoming the Queen of Hell. "Elena" survives the episode.
  • The Vampire Diaries: Home (2014) [Elena Gilbert]: Blown up (along with Ian Somerhalder) after they drive his car into the Mystic Grill in order to kill the Travelers; she comes back to life, thanks to a spell cast by Penelope Mitchell, when she passes through Kat Graham.
  • The Originals: Red Door (2014) [Tatia]: Bitten on the neck and drained of blood by Daniel Gillies, after Daniel temporarily lost his mind due to bloodlust.
  • The Vampire Diaries: I Was Feeling Epic (2017) [Elena Gilbert/Katherine Pierce]: Playing a dual role, "Katherine" is incinerated by hellfire magically redirected at her by Kat Graham, while Paul Wesley holds her in place. "Elena" dies of unspecified circumstances (off-screen) years later; she is seen reuniting in the afterlife with her husband (Ian Somerhalder) and her family.