Nigel Bennett in Friday the 13th: The Series: The Butcher

Nigel Bennett (1949 - )

Film Deaths Edit

Television Deaths:Edit

  • Friday the 13th: The Series: The Butcher (1989) [Oberst "The Butcher" Rausch/Karl Steiner]: Garroted with barbed wire by David Blacker, while Nigel is distracted when the Allied forces storm the POW camp, over forty years before the story begins. He is brought back to life when Colin Fox uses the cursed amulet to resurrect him, and later dies once again when David's older self (Chris Wiggins) removes the amulet (which was keeping him immortal), after garroting and shooting him.
  • Lexx: May (2000) [Prince]: Mortally shot in the chest with a crossbow by Anna Kathrin Blueler as she and Michael McManus were approaching his city on the planet Fire in a hot air balloon. He dies moments later talking to Xenia Seeberg . He begins his one of many resurrections later in the episode just as the priests of Fire were lowering his body into a pit of fire killing him again.
  • The Strain: By Any Means The Strain: By Any Means (2015) [Shop Owner/Dr. Draverhaven]: Drained of his blood by Richard Sammel.
  • The Strain: By Any Means The Strain: Madness (2016) [Dr. Draverhaven]: Having come back to life as a vampire, has his arms and legs cut off by Jim Watson . He is then locked within a chest which is covered in chains and is thrown off a ship by Jim, where he drowns to death. 


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