Nicoletta Elmi (1964 -)


Nicoletta Elmi in Demons (1). Nicoletta Elmi's second death (as demon) in Demons (2).

Film Deaths Edit

  • Who Saw Her Die? (Chi l’ha vista morire?; The Child) (1972) [Roberta Serpieri]: Strangled (off-screen) by Alessandro Haber; her body is shown lying face-down in the canal afterwards. (Thanks to Claudio)
  • The Night Child (Il Medagliione insanguinato; The Cursed Medallion) (1975) [Emily Williams]: Reportedly commits suicide by stabbing herself in the chest after she stabs Richard Johnson. (Thanks to Andrea)
  • Demons (Demoni) (1985) [Ingrid, the Usherette]: Strangled by a demon/zombie in the theatre balcony; she later returns as a demon/zombie herself, and dies once again when Urbano Barberini stabs her in the stomach with a sword.
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