Nicole Dambro (1986 - )

Film Deaths Edit

  • Pitchfork (2016) [Flo]: Chased into a cornfield by Daniel Wilkinson, who uses his pitchfork hand to slash her arm and then her face. Finally, Daniel picks up Nicole and slams her into the ground and then kills her by ramming the pitchfork into her chest. Later, Daniel carries Nicole's body away and places it outside a nearby cabin where he keeps the bodies of all of his victims.
  • Alone in the Dead of Night (2017) [Gwen]: Repeatedly bludgeoned with a small object by an increasingly manic Tammie Bergholdt. This occurs mostly off-camera; Tammie is shown repeatedly swinging the object down out of the camera's view. With each impact, Nicole's blood flies up into view of the camera until Tammie and the nearby walls are drenched in it. Nicole's body is never shown.
  • The Axiom (2018) [Darcy]: While she is having sex with Zac Titus, a monster sneaks up behind Nicole and slits her throat with its claw, soaking a horrified Zac in her blood. Immediately afterward, Zac realizes that he merely hallucinated her death. Later, Taylor Flowers binds Nicole to a tree and seriously wounds her by stabbing her in the stomach. Before he can finish her off, their friends run in and overpower him. After chaining Taylor to the outside of their cabin and making Nicole comfortable inside, their friends leave to find emergency medical help for Nicole (there is no cell service at their location). While their friends are gone, Taylor tricks Nicole into coming outside to check on him. When she gets close, he suddenly jumps up and strangles her with his chain, eventually snapping her neck. When Zac returns, he sees (to his horror) that Taylor has managed to free himself from the chain and is standing over Nicole's dead body. When Taylor notices Zac looking at him, he leans down and rips out Nicole's intestines.
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