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Nicolas Cage in Leaving Las Vegas

Nicolas Cage (1964 -)

a.k.a. Nicolas Coppola (early in career)

Film Deaths:[]

  • The Cotton Club (1984) [Vincent Dwyer]: Shot to death by James Remar's thugs.
  • The Boy in Blue (1986) [Ned Hanlin]: Dies of pneumonia.
  • Vampire's Kiss (1988) [Peter Loew]: Stabbed through the chest with a makeshift stake at his own request by Bob Lujan.
  • Deadfall (1993) [Eddie]: Scalded to death when Michael Biehn pushes his head into a deep-fat fryer causing the skin on his face to burn off. It should be noted Nicolas reprises the role in Arsenal with no explanation to his survival.
  • Leaving Las Vegas (1995) [Ben Sanderson]: Dies of alcohol poisoning after drinking himself to death; he dies with Elisabeth Shue by his side.
  • Face/Off (1997) [Castor Troy]: Impaled with a spear gun and pinned into a wall by John Travolta (with Nicolas' face), while wearing John's ( as Sean Archer) face; he dies later after he sings “Ready, ready for the big ride, baby” for the last time. John (as Nicolas) then gets his original face back and "Archer" survives the movie.
  • Christmas Carol: The Movie (2001; animated) [Jacob Marley]: Dies off-screen of unspecified natural causes several years before the movie begins. He appears as a ghost to Simon Callow.
  • Adaptation (2002) [Charlie Kaufman/Donald Kaufman]: Playing a dual role as twin brothers, "Donald" is thrown through the windshield when his car collides with Jim Beaver's truck; he dies shortly afterwards while talking to "Charlie." "Charlie" survives the movie.
  • Windtalker (2002) [Sergeant Joe Enders]: Shot to death by Japanese soldiers as Nicolas tries to carry Adam Beach to safety. He dies whilst Adam prays over him.
  • The Wicker Man (2006) [Edward Malus]: Burned to death by Erika-Shaye Gair when she sets fire to the wicker man with Nicolas inside, on top of having his legs broken and having been stung by bees, while the colonists look on. (See Edward Woodward for the 1973 original.)
  • Next (2007) [Cris 'Frank Cadillac' Johnson]: "Dies" several times in his future visions, under various circumstances (car accident, shot, explosion), though he survives the movie in reality.
  • Bangkok Dangerous (2008) [Joe]: Commits suicide by shooting himself in the head after his car is surrounded by police, while simultaneously shooting Nirattisai Kaljaruek through his own head.
  • Knowing (2009) [John Koestler]: Burned to death, along with everyone else on the planet, when a massive solar flare strikes the Earth.
  • Kick-Ass (2010) [Damon Macready a.k.a. Big Daddy]: Fatally burned to death after Michael Rispoli's men pours kerosene over him and ignites it while he is bound to a chair; he dies shortly afterwards while talking to his daughter, Chloe Grace Moretz.
  • The Sorcerer's Apprentice (2010) [Balthazar Blake]: Magic and life-force draining by Jay Baruchel later returns him to life.
  • Drive Angry (Drive Angry 3D) (2011) [Milton]: Shot to death off-screen, several years before the movie begins. He appears as a resurrected being throughout the movie after escaping from Hell, and returns to Hell with William Fichtner at the end of the movie.
  • Season of the Witch (2011) [Behmen]: Stabbed repeatedly by the demon's wings while fighting it; he dies shortly afterwards while talking to Robert Sheehan.
  • Joe (2013) [Joe Ransom]: Bleeds to death after being shot in the stomach by Lazaro Solares during a shootout in the woods; he dies after Aj Wilson McPhaul and his police officers arrive on the scene with Tye Sheridan at his side.
  • Outcast (2014) [Gallain]: Shot/slashed repeatedly with arrows in a final stand against hordes of enemy soldiers.
  • Tokarev (2014) [Paul Maguire]: Commits suicide by stabbing, impaled and shot repeatedly time by Pasha D. Lychnikoff and his hit squad who've broken into his home, when he doesn't defend himself.
  • Dying of the Light (2015) [Evan Lake]: Hit by a truck [ off-screen] at the end of the movie before a flashback of a speech he did at the beginning of the movie. We only see his grave.
  • Dog Eat Dog (2016) [Troy]: Shot to death by the police during a shoot-out.
  • The Trust (2016) [Stone]: Shot to death off-screen through a wall in a shootout with Elijah Wood. His body is seen when Elijah walks through into the kitchen.
  • USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage (2016) [Captain McVay]: Commits suicide by shooting himself in the head with a service pistol at his home.
  • Arsenal (2017) [Eddie King]: Shot by Adrian Grenier and Johnathon Schaech during a shoot-out.
  • The Humanity Bureau (2017) [Noah Cross]: Shot to death by Hugh Dillon.
  • Between Worlds (2018) [Joe]: Commits suicide by dousing himself with gasoline and setting himself on fire.
  • A Score to Settle (2019) [Frank]: Shot to death by police after he reaches for a picture of Noah Le Gros.
  • Color Out of Space (2019) [Nathan Gardner]: Shot in the chest by Josh C. Waller, who thinks Nicolas is aiming his gun at Elliot Knight, when he attempts to shoot at the Color. He dies shortly afterwards in Madeleine Arthur's arms.
  • Grand Isle (2019) [Walter]: Shot to death by police officers as he attempts to open fire on them.
  • Running with the Devil (2019) [The Cook]: Shot to death by Leslie Bibb.
  • Jiu Jitsu (2020) [Wylie]: Slashed throat, stabbed in the chest and shoulders by one of the alien champions while trying to fight it.

Noteworthy Connections[]

  • Son of August Coppola.
  • Grandson of Carmine Coppola (composer).
  • Ex-Mr. Alice Kim Cage.
  • Father of Weston Cage (lead singer of the band eyes of noctum).