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Nicol Williamson in 'Hamlet.'

Nicol Williamson (1936 -2011)

Film Deaths[]

  • The Bofors Gun (1968) [O'Rourke]: Commits suicide by stabbing himself with a bayonet.
  • Hamlet (1969) [Hamlet]: Slashed on the arm with a poison-tipped sword during a swordfight with Michael Pennington; he lives long enough to avenge himself by killing Anthony Hopkins, then dies while talking to Gordon Jackson.
  • Laughter in the Dark (1969) [Sir Edward More]: Shot by Anna Karina when she takes Nicol's handgun from him during a struggle.
  • The Wilby Conspiracy (1975) [Major Horne]: Shot in the head by Michael Caine.
  • The Cheap Detective (1978) [Colonel Schissel]: Shot in the head by Marsha Mason. Remains standing in place afterwards. (Played for comic effect).
  • Return to Oz (1985) [The Nome King/Dr. Worley]: Playing a dual role, "The Nome King" is poisoned after accidentally swallowing an egg from Fairuza Balk's chicken. "Dr. Worley" is killed (off screen) while trying to rescue his machinery from the burning mental hospital; his death is mentioned when Piper Laurie tells Balk.
  • Black Widow (1987) [William Macauley]: Dies of an allergic reaction (off-screen) after Theresa Russell mixes penicillin in his toothpaste. His body is not shown; we learn about his death afterwards when we see Debra Winger arguing about the case with Leo Rossi.
  • The Exorcist III (1990) [Father Morning]: Torn apart by the demon's (Brad Dourif/Jason Miller/Colleen Dewhurst) powers; his body is seen when George C. Scott enters Patient X's (Miller) cell. He is briefly revived later on in order to subdue the demon and give Kinderman an upper hand. (His fate is unknown after his resurrection, but due to the nature of his injuries, his survival chances are low).

 TV Deaths[]

  • Of Mice and Men (1968) [Lennie]: Shot in the head by George Segal, as a mercy killing to prevent a lynch mob from torturing and murdering him.
  • Macbeth (1983) [Macbeth]: Killed in a swordfight with Tony Doyle.