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Nick Mancuso in Death Ship


Nick Mancuso's death in Death Ship

Nick Mancuso (1948 - )

Film Deaths[]

  • Death Ship (1980) [Nick]: Drowned after George Kennedy traps him in a net and drops it into the water.
  • Rapid Fire (1992) [Antonio Serrano]: Stabbed in the neck with a shuriken by Al Leong (disguised as a guard) after being stabbed in the chest with two knives. His body is later seen when Powers Boothe discovers him.
  • The Invader (1997) [Willard]: Electrocuted to death when an injured Ben Cross shoots the telephone cable wires with a laser pistol, causing them to strike down and electrocute the metal grid Mancuso is standing on as Mancuso is about to kill Sean Young.
  • Misbegotten (1998) [Paul Bourke]: Killed at the end of a fight (bludgeoned or stabbed to death) with Kevin Dillon.
  • Today You Die (2005) [Agent Saunders]: Shot/stabbed in the neck and head by either Steven Seagal or Anthony "Treach" Criss as Nick is holding someone at gunpoint.
  • Death Warrior (2009) [Ivan]: Stabbed with a knife and then decapitated with his own sword by Hector Echavarria.

TV Deaths[]

  • The Ray Bradbury Theater: The Crowd (1985) [Spelliner]: Dies of trauma following a car wreck and by being suffocated by the ghosts of other car crash victims, including his recently-deceased friend R.H. Thomson.

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