Nell Mooney (???-)

Video Game DeathsEdit

  • SOMA (2015) [Catherine Chun]: Playing multiple iterations of the same character, at least two of them can die over the course of the game. 1) The original version of Nell dies of head trauma a year prior to the events of the game, having been accidentally bludgeoned with a wrench during an argument with John Chancer as Andrea Deck and James Goode struggle to separate them. Her death is not discovered until Jared Zeus finds her body late in the game, along with an audio recording of her final moments. 2) The computerized copy of Nell that has been assisting Jared for most of the game suffers a fatal breakdown when an argument with Jared causes her circuits to overload out of sheer frustration. However, the third and final iteration of Nell lives on aboard the ARK's virtual evironment.
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