Ned Dennehy in Blitz


Ned Dennehy's death in Blitz

Ned Dennehy (19?? - )

Film Deaths Edit

  • Dead Meat (2004) [Road Zombie]: Appears as a zombie.
  • Blitz (2011) [Radnor]: Drowned in a toilet by Aidan Gillen in a restroom; we only hear the struggle after Aidan pulls him into the stall. His body is shown afterwards when David Morrissey discovers him.
  • Grabbers (2012) [Declan Cooney]: Killed (off-screen) by the alien. He is last seen alive at the beach after sunset. We see him later when the alien uses his body as a puppet to lure Louis Dempsey out of the house.

TV DeathsEdit

  • An Klondike: 2-4 (Dominion Creek) (2017) [Captain Pat Galvin]: Throat slit by Chloe Ewart.
  • Versailles: Seven Shadows (2017) [Father Etienne]: Stabbed in the stomach by Tygh Runyan.
  • Good Omens: The Doomsday Option (2019) [Duke of Hell Hastur]: Physical body destroyed when David Tennant drives his car onto a burning motorway while Ned is sitting in the passenger seat; lacking the imagination to make himself immune to the fire, Ned is instantly incinerated. However, as a demon, he merely returns to Hell following this "death" and reappears in the following episode.
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