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Nathan Stewart-Jarrett in Misfits: Episode 4.4

Nathan Stewart-Jarrett (1985 - )

Television Deaths[]

  • Misfits: Episode 3.4 (2011) [Curtis Donovan]: In an alternate timeline created by Fred Pearson's power, Nathan is shot in the head by Glenn Speers, after Glenn believes that Matthew McNulty transferred the power to turn back time into Nathan. His death is undone when the original timeline is restored.
  • Misfits: Episode 4.4 (2012) [Curtis Donovan]: After being bitten and turned by the zombie Andrew Gower, he shoots himself in the head, in order to stop himself from turning other people into zombies.
  • Dracula: Blood Vessel (2020) [Adisa]: Bitten on the throat and drained of blood by Claes Bang, moments after Nathan had tried and failed to kill Claes by shooting him, realising that bullets had no effect on Claes.