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Nathan Halliday in Cold Case: Shuffle, Ball Change

Nathan Halliday (1988 - )

Film Deaths[]

  • Desert Son (2010) [Jack]: Possibly bleeds to death after being stabbed and left for dead by John Bain and Erica Curtis. John considers killing Nathan after he tracks them down and kills Erica, but he leaves after watching Nathan suffer from his wound.

TV Deaths[]

  • Cold Case: Shuffle, Ball Change (2007) [Maurice Hall]: Hit in the head with a crutch by Greg Finley, who then disposes of the body by putting it in a dumpster. His body is initially seen at the start of the episode. His death is later seen in a flashback. Kathryn Morris later sees his "ghost" (apparently a figment of her imagination) dancing at the end of the episode after his murder is solved.
  • CSI: A La Cart (2007) [Vincent Bartley]: Decapitated by a truck during a cart race. His head and the rest of his body is found at the beginning of the episode when the CSIs arrive, and his death is later shown in a flashback.
  • Ghost Whisperer: On Thin Ice (2010) [Shane Dunning]: Falls through thin ice and dies of hypothermia before the start of the episode. He appears as a ghost throughout the episode.