Nathan Halliday in Cold Case: Shuffle, Ball Change

Nathan Halliday (1988 - )

TV DeathsEdit

  • Cold Case: Shuffle, Ball Change (2007) [Maurice Hall]: Hit in the head with a crutch by Greg Finley, who then disposes of the body by putting it in a dumpster. His body is initially seen at the start of the episode. His death is later seen in a flashback. Kathryn Morris later sees his "ghost" (apparently a figment of her imagination) dancing at the end of the episode after his murder is solved.
  • CSI: A La Cart (2007) [Vincent Bartley]: Decapitated by a truck during a cart race. His head and the rest of his body is found at the beginning of the episode when the CSIs arrive, and his death is later shown in a flashback.
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