Nancy Jeris (1935 -)

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Nancy Jeris (far left, above) in Preacher: El Valero

Film Deaths Edit

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The lift falling/ their deaths in Preacher: El Valero

  • None Known

TV Deaths Edit

  • Gunsmoke: Lynch Town (1973) [Kate Geer]: Assaulted offscreen in her office by Scott Brady who hits her and she falls to the floor, striking her head but gets up and shoots him out of the office before collapsing. Ninety minutes later (as in dialogue) she manages to get up but falls and strikes her head again, dying in front of Ken Swofford. (Thanks to Brian)
  • Preacher: El Valero (2016) [Vail Grandma]: Dies in a ski lift accident when the cable breaks causing the entire family to fall to their deaths. 

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